Company Secretarial

Let us take the strain of legislative compliance

As a business owner, you will be aware of the responsibility upon your shoulders to ensure that your business adheres to the complex regulations imposed by the Companies Act.

This is comprehensive legislation which regulates the formation, dissolution and management processes of companies and businesses.

At Westons, we understand that the last thing you need in your busy schedule is to worry about the ins and outs of the law. This is why we offer a professional and expert range of company secretarial duties to give you complete peace of mind, and the time to get on with the nitty gritty of running a successful business.

We can assist you with:

  • Company formations
  • Preparation and completion of statutory forms
  • Preparation of minutes and resolution documents
  • Maintenance of statutory books
  • Trustworthy advice on company law.

With company legislation evolving all the time, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are fully aware of how it can affect you and your company.

So, why not remove the stress of the situation and place Weston’s team of specialists at the helm.

For more detailed information of how you can benefit from our cost effective range of company secretarial services, contact us directly for an initial discussion.