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Do you offer an EMI scheme? These are the new rules you need to know about - May 8, 2018

EU State Aid approval for the Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme expired on 6 April 2018, meaning any share options … Read more

Dividend Allowance cut could cost you £1,143. Is it time to restructure? - May 8, 2018

For a while, company directors have been able to make a tax-efficient living by taking a combination of salary and dividends … Read more

Workplace pension contributions more than double - May 8, 2018

The percentage of salary employers and employees must contribute to a workplace pension has increased from 6 April 2018. … Read more

1.3 million SMEs hoping to branch out internationally to boost growth - May 8, 2018

An annual survey suggests that some 1.3 million UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) intend to branch out overseas … Read more

OTS calls for overhaul of ‘complex’ tax charges and reliefs - May 8, 2018

An overhaul of “the complex patchwork” of tax charges and reliefs affecting businesses throughout various stages of the … Read more

270,000 late penalty notices cancelled by the Revenue - May 8, 2018

A response to a freedom of information request has revealed that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) cancelled 270,000 late penalty … Read more

Government extends childcare voucher scheme for additional six months - April 5, 2018

Working parents across the UK will be delighted to hear that the Government has agreed to a six-month extension of the childcare … Read more

Are you one of the 90 per cent of businesses that are unprepared for GDPR? - April 5, 2018

With less than 60 days left until the deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), more than … Read more

HMRC takes new steps to tackle online VAT fraud - April 5, 2018

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been granted new powers to help combat online VAT fraud conducted on digital marketplaces. … Read more

Quarterly digital reporting to HM Revenue & Customs opens to self-employed individuals - April 5, 2018

Since March this year, self-employed individuals have had the option of reporting their income digitally to HM Revenue & … Read more